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Visions 2030

Just to alert everyone to the Visions 2030 research project which ‘seeks to revitalise the quality of walking and cycling in the UK’. They’re visualising various future streetscapes based on existing UK type roads (Victorian street etc).

Anyway they’ve got various online surveys for cyclists, pedestrians, drivers etc. which are accessible here

Have a look – if nothing else, the pictures are quite pretty


The visions are online in more detail on their website at

My first impression is that they are guilty of wishing away car ownership and overestimating the willingness of the public to cycle near buses. The street scenes they show as Vision 0 show far fewer parked cars than is the reality in most places. These cars then miraculously disappear in Vision 1. Forms of transport that they like coexist in shared space regardless of the reality of bikes / buses / taxis. In their vision 2 & 3 drawings all requirements for private vehicle storage disappear and out of town retail no longer exists.

Harmless? Well if you’ve ever seen the reality of a housing estate with no parking bays (they keep their cars on the pavements) or a shared space scheme that allows car parking…….

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My missing components, depending on the scenes, were cycle parking, other cyclists and coffee shops.

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