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CEoGB Merchandice

Dear All

What Cycling Embassy of Great Britain merchandice would you like to see?

A tentative list from me might be;

Flags (no Embassy vehicle should be without one)

Dutch, Roadster & Cargo Bike Top Trump cards

T-Shirts with additional unexciting slogans such as ‘I’m going to the shops’ (to reflect how unexciting bicycles for transport should be)


Any more?


We should have badges with the logo on, if only for handing out at events.

Joe Dunckley


A plain t-shirt just with the logo would be good too. Also pins, so people can sport the logo while smartly dressed.

Possible t-shirt slogans: ‘Campaign for Real Cycle Paths’
‘Tour du shops’
‘Making riding a bike as easy as riding a bike’
‘I’m just popping out to the shops … I may be some time’

AKA TownMouse

Dr C.
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As seen on Copenhagenize, saddle covers go well with everyday cycling.

A couple of ideas could be all Embassy blue with a large logo & URL, a smaller logo and a slogan.

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Stickers for mudguards (and, dare I say it, windscreens, for those who would like to cycle but don’t) and T-shirts or polo shirts would be the most useful I think. Maybe also ties. Pens? A flag on a normal bike causes problems in my experience.

Vole O’Speed


Coffee and tea mugs?

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