Join in the Policy Debate

We are developing policies that we can ask politicians, councillors, parties and candidates to adopt. Policies which can be summed up in a memorable marketing piece but behind which there are very specific suggestions for solving problems, ready developed so their officers can’t get it wrong.

We’re be posting the policy proposals on the forum and working out the details and the means to promote policies over the coming weeks and months. We’d like any and all input on this that our members can give, from their own perspective and experience (whether as cyclists, would be cyclists, parents, pedestrians, planners or engineers). Joe Dunckley and others have made a start and are busy considering detailed recommendations on cycle infrastructure and annotating the current government guidelines. The discussion is open to any signed-up member of the Cycling Embassy and if you’re logged in, you should be able to access it here

It’s your chance to have your say and shape our policies for the future.