A Round-up 60 Years In The Making

This week has seen several posts following on from last week's Cycling Embassy AGM, including At War With the Motorist and As Easy As Riding A Bike. Whilst ibikelondon sadly couldn't be there last weekend, he managed a rather timely post about the 'Copenhagen effect' in Bristol. British Cycling have launched a campaign against the risible punishments handed out to drivers who kill, and we at the Cycling Embassy added our voice in support.

Remember the IAM's dodgy survey from a few weeks ago? Well Dave McCraw was inspired to do a survey of his own in response. RadWagon gives our own common claims and canards wiki pages a run for its money with an exhaustive list designed to counter common anti-cyclist statements posted in comment threads and forums.

Chair Jim shares some beautiful scenes of cycle provision from his sea-front commute and notes that West Sussex County Council can sometimes improve cycle provision, sort of, by accident. Cyclists in the City is disappointed by the current plans for Tottenham Court Road junction but at least starts to see potential that cycling may be being taken a bit more seriously, whilst David Hembrow takes a look at the current state of the cycle infrastructure in Drenthe, where they certainly do take cycle provision seriously.

As Easy As Riding A Bike writes about a crash on a 'safe' road which will never be reported, whilst I wrote a style guide for those which are reported.

After the success of POP28, Town Mouse writes some top tips for cycle campaigners. The CTC surveyed both members and non-members about attitudes to cycle infrastructure with the results being quite unsurprising. Sporty types really have nothing to fear from 'going Dutch' though, as Bicycle Dutch shows us.

Bikepeacenyc comes out against helmet compulsion in New York and instead looks towards The Netherlands for a better way to protect cyclists, with Pedestrianise London taking an in-depth look at how they standardised their approach to roundabout design, from which we could certainly learn a lot.

So far the jubilee weekend hasn't provided us with brilliant cycling weather, so if you find yourself in London and at a loose end on Monday, perhaps you might enjoy popping along to the Vulpine Cycling Fete.

And finally, the Queen on a tricycle.