Hundreds turn out for Tour du Danger

When Danny of Cyclists in the City suggested riding the ten most dangerous junctions for cyclists in London, he was hoping that 40 or 50 riders might turn up. In the event, it was nearer to 10 times that number who rode through London’s streets with him to mark their anger at the way the safety of cyclists and pedestrians has been put second to the needs of free flowing traffic. Danny, the London Cycling Campaign and the Cycling Embassy’s own Mark Ames, of ibikelondon, have done an incredible job of organising a protest that has caught the imagination and channelled the anger of people well beyond the narrow world of cycling campaigning. The story will be told over and over again in the next few days in blogs, tweets, photos and videos by those who took part – and we’ll be gathering them together as usual on our regular blog round up – but for now we just want to salute those who organised it, those who took part, and those who cheered from the sidelines, cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians alike – chapeau!

For those who couldn’t make it, here’s Mark’s speech before the ride (thanks to smsm1) and here’s the BBC London News coverage – where the story headed the 5:15 bulletin.