Reporting Incidents and Bad Driving

There are several ways to report dangerous behaviour on the road. Please add to this list!


Metropolitan Police Roadsafe Initiative

The Met Roadsafe Initiative encourages cyclists and others to report people who endanger other road users
Here is the Roadsafe Report Form.
...members of the public to advise us about criminal, nuisance and anti-social behaviour on the roads of London. It is staffed by experienced traffic officers.

We want to know about people who endanger other road users by:

  • Driving under the influence of drink or drugs
  • Driving with no insurance/licence
  • Speeding or dangerous driving
  • Using an un-roadworthy vehicle
Of particular note is that the encourage Video Footage to be submitted, subject to a few rules.
Video footage

Occasionally, people refer us to video footage in the public domain e.g. YouTube or similar sites. In the course of dealing with your information we may direct others to any material that has been openly posted, to raise road user awareness and to promote safety.

Some points to bear in mind regarding video submissions: Videos should be submitted within 48 hours of the event. Footage should be of high quality and include at least two minutes before and two minutes after any incident. For prosecution purposes, video evidence can only act as corroboration. This means that you will need to attend a police station and give a written statement and must be prepared to attend court to give evidence in person.

Videos should not be edited in any way. They must not rely on a perception of distance such as a close pass as the apparent distance will vary according to the type camera and settings. There are other issues with video evidence, such as parallax error, which makes objects appear close together when they are seen in line. In general, evidence of provocation or disproportionate reaction will mean that no action is taken.
Extra notes through correspondence with the Police that staff this service:
  • You need to have 2 minutes of video before and after an incident so that the Police can be sure that no prior incident has caused provocation to the incident.
  • You initial video sent to the police does not need this full 2 minutes before and after, but you do need to have retained it somewhere so that it can be used in legal proceedings.

FORS - Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme - for Lorries/Trucks (worth trying outside London too)

FORS "is an accreditation scheme that aims to improve fleet activity in London and throughout the UK and beyond."

FORS is operated by TFL in London. They are particularly engaged with developing a meaningful accreditation scheme and furthering driver training. They take very seriously incidents involving FORS accredited company's vehicles and have power to act against firms who they deem to bring FORS into disrepute. They can, for example, revoke a FORS licence which can prevent firms working in London.

You can look up FORS Accredited Companies.

If you have an incident with an accredited company Contact FORS.

Reports to the Companies that own the vehicles

Many truck/van firms are striving for ever greater safety. They will often act on evidence of poor behaviour of their drivers (thought reporting to The Police and FORS in addition is worthwhile.

Examples of successful action taken following video evidence

  • FORS took action against Norman Road Haulage in relation to one of their trucks turning right at a no right turn, into the path of a cyclist Norman Road Haulage footage