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Infrastructure design

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CROW ManualEmbassyJames Gower


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Cycling: Towards Health and Safety (BMA)Joe DJoe D
The Energy Glut (Ian Roberts)Joe DJoe D

Politics and policy

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After the car (Dennis and Urry)Joe DJoe D
Car Sick (Lynn Sloman)Joe DJoe D
Car Wars (Chris Mosey)EmbassyJoe D
The Impact of the Motor Car (Barbara Preston)EmbassyJoe D
Promoting Walking and Cycling (ed. Colin Pooley)Mark TMark T
Traffic Jam: Ten years of 'sustainable' transport in the UK, 1997-2007 (Docherty and Shaw eds)Joe DJoe D
Wheels Within Wheels: A Study of the Road Lobby (Mick Hamer)EmbassyMark Ames
Where Motor-Car Is Master (CPRE)EmbassyJoe D