Infrastructure Library: Components

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Types of Link

  • Traffic Free Path

​A path which doesn't have any motor traffic on it. It may be shared with pedestrians

  • Pedestrianised Street

​Usually a street which was originally designed and laid out for motor traffic, including parking.

  • Road with no infrastructure

  • Advisory Cycle Lane

​A cycle lane shown by a dashed line. These can be encroached on by other vehicles, and may also be encroached upon by parking. It's not clear if there is every a good design for these, except perhaps away from motor trffic.

  • Mandatory Cycle Lane

​A cycle lane wirh some indication that motor traffic may not encroach. Most often seen as a sold white line, but may also be more formal, such as the Embankment cycle superhighway

  • Hybrid/Stepped Cycle Lane

  • Lightly Protected Cycle Track

  • Fully Protected Cycle Track

Types of Junctoins

  • Nothing

  • Driveways

​Where a driveway to a business or property crosses a cycle route. (With the assumption that it feeds onto a road, and there may be the implication of priority over the cycle route or pavement which it crosses).

  • Private Entrances
  • Simple Priority

  • Minor Side Road

  • Major Side Road

  • Mini Roundabout

  • Double Mini Roundabout

  • Compact Roundabout

  • Large Roundabout

  • Signalized Roundabout

  • Gyratory system

  • Grade separated

  • - Bridge

  • - Underpass

  • Signalized Junctions

  • - 3 arm

  • - 4 arm (Crossroad)

  • - 4 arm (Staggered)

  • - Multi-arm

Route Elements

  • 'Floating' Bus Stop

  • 'Floating' Parking

  • 'Floating' Loading

  • Kerbing (Footway / Cycleway)

  • Kerbing (Cycleway / Roadway)

  • Trees

  • Street clutter

  • - Signs

  • - Lighting

  • - Phone Boxes (Telecommunications cabinets)

  • - Seating

  • Drainage

  • Filters

  • - Bollards

  • - Signs

  • - Opposed One Ways

  • - Gates

  • - Width Restrictions

  • Road Marking

  • Cycle Parking

  • Ramps Gradients

  • Pedestrian Refuges

  • Cycle Refuges


  • Toucan


  • Cycle Zebra

​Now in use in a number of locations (citation) needed. A cycle zebra is a zebra crossing over which you may also ride your bicycle. The few in evidence at the moment are normally wider than pedestrian-only crossings.

  • Unsignalized Cycle Crossing