The Embassy are obsessed with cycle paths to the exclusion of everything else

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If the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain are obsessed with cycle paths, it’s because, more often than not, when paths or facilties are designed and built in the UK, they are generally of a very poor standard and do nothing to make cycling look inviting. They are ignored by anyone who might consider riding a bicycle more often and they are ignored by the experienced cyclist. The Embassy believes in Cycling Infrastructure built to best practice from around the World that has had proven success in encouraging mass cycling. Whilst this of course does not mean segregated cycle paths everywhere in the British sense, it does mean working to the principles of Sustainable Safety, as explained here on David Hembrow’s blog, ‘A View from the Cycle Path’. Like those countries that have made decent provision, we also believe in other measures too such as 20mph becoming the default speed limit in residential areas, cutting off rat runs within those areas and better approaches to streetscape design to effectively give a particular street back to its residents. There needs to be a better pallette of options open to the Urban Planner, Designer and Engineer.

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