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'No Win No Fee' has changed

There used to be a good amount of firms offering 'no win no fee' arrangements but the law has changed to discourage some of the ambulance chasing. See .

In a clearly 'no fault' accident I had in May 2013, as an LCC member I was surprised that even 'Levenes', who they recommended, were unable to help me.

Firms who may be able to help

Firms who might be able to help you (please add to this list)

  • CAMS - - I had a lot more success with CAMS recommended by a local bike shopThey paid for my bike repairs very quickly, after an engineer's report. The lawyers they instructed to deal with the case and the car's insurance company were incredibly slow but after a year I got compensation for my injuries. CAMS also organised a Harley Street medical assessment. In my case The Police attended the scene very quickly and I had a good number of witnesses. Nonetheless, CAMS got the job done.

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