2012 Policy Bash

From January 27th – 29th, we will be holding an intensive weekend workshop event, or ‘policy bash’ where we try and thrash out our policies in detail, including how we’d like our roads and streets to look in the UK.

For ease of reference we’ve now divided this page up – please follow the links for more details

  • Agenda – what sort of things we’ll cover and how. This thread on the forum (you need to be logged in to read it) gives some background to what is needed and this one on what people generally agreed were the priorities
  • Background Reading – links to useful resources and design guidelines from the UK, the Netherlands and elsewhere.
  • Some Existing Examples – some Embassy bloggers have already made a start by choosing places in the UK and looking at how they would be treated in the Netherlands.
  • Outcomes – wiki page linking to the outcomes from the policy bash, and further discussion.

Please note that spaces in the venues are pretty limited so if you are interested in coming you must let us know first – email chair@cycling-embassy.org.uk

We’ll be using these pages to dump links to resources, requests and information so keep them bookmarked. If you know of stuff that would be helpful, especially to the background reading, add it in (all Ambassadors should have access to edit the wiki) and let us know via the forums or the contact emails on the people page if you’re interested in helping out.

PDF icon Timetable for the weekend248.25 KB
PDF icon Policy Bash - Agenda307.15 KB