Situations Vacant

If you think, like us, that Britain's got a long way to go before we achieve cycling for all, then you'll appreciate there's always things that can be done! This is where you can find out some of the things we've got on, and that we'd like help with. 

The Book

We're trying to assemble a proper database of all the information that we and others need to campaign successfully, and in an informed way, You can see our recent call for help here. With this, we're currently just trying to assemble the definitions and links we need, in order to make it useful and reasonably complete. 

The Website & Knowledge base.

We're trying to make our site clearer and more relevant. The database / book is part of this, but we also want visitors to understand more what we need to do in order to get the message across about what we're seeking, and why. Our knowledge base is a wiki-style editable site where people can contribute information and help tidy up and edit what is already there. 


We're always interested in blog posts around all the various aspects of what we're campaigning on, from TROs to cycling with the family. You might have something you feel strongly about, with regard to cycling or transport issues – this could be about why you cycle, why you want it to be accessible to more people, or it could even be that you know of barriers to it, like how different stakeholder groups are engaged. (As an example, groups representing the blind and partially sighted often object to cycle infrastructure in principle; we understand why, and we understand that this is a group we need to engage with. Can you think of other instances like this? 

… Spreading the Word

There are so many people out there who've not heard the message – they could be families who only ever get on their bikes to go on SkyRides, or indeed people who just don't get on their bikes at all. We've been giving out postcards and leaflets at local events - SkyRidesBreeze, etc. – so let us know if you're interested in helping to spread the word this way. 

If that's not your thing, then you can also spread the word online – you might want to blog about the Embassy, tweet about it, or simply put a badge on your website letting the world know y

Acting Locally

We know there are people across the country who support our goals, and want to make them happen in their local areas. Some of them are already active campaigners and members of local campaigning organisations, others feel that their local campaigns don't always reflect what they want, or haven't a local campaign in their area. We need Embassy members to support local cycling campaigns pressing for ambitious changes in their area by responding to local consulations, showing what really first-class cycling infrastructure looks like, and generally spreading the word about what 'Going Dutch' really means and how it would work in the UK. Specifically you can get involved locally by…

… Telling people about consultations

Not a day goes by without someone consulting on something, across the country. And if we want cycling to be represented, we need to make sure we respond to these, if we can. You could help by telling us about consultations you've heard about, or consider replying to them. The Embassy has done a number of conslultations responses, both nationally and locally, and you can see some of the information you might use in this situation on our consultations page. If you hear of a local (or national) consultation then let us know via our Consultation Watch! forum topic

… Getting involved with Local Strategies

Does your council have a cycling strategy? Is it any good, is it under review, can you help to make it better? We're starting to put together a guide for local campaigners about what makes a good cycling strategy and how to improve one. You can find out more here

… Arrange an Infrastructure Safari

Got some interesting developments going on in your local area? Got a piece of cycle engineering that's so mad, bad or even amazingly good that you want to share it? Want ideas on how to make your town or city better for cycling? We can learn a lot about what's going on nationally and internationally from the internet but nothing beats going and cycling something to find out whether it works or not, or why not. From its start the Embassy has organised a number of infrastructure safaris and we're always keen to find new places to explore. As well as spreading the word about what's going on, they're a great way for local campaigners to get together and meet campaigners from other parts of the country. If you can get your local councillors, Sustrans officers or engineers along as well, then all the better. If you're interested in hosting an infrastructure safari, then let us know

If you want to respond as a local ambassador, please tell us here