Cycling Embassy AGM 2019 - Cardiff

Date and time: 
19 July, 2019 - 18:30 to 21 July, 2019 - 15:30
Event details: 


We'll be at "I Want to Ride my Bike" from around 7pm for drinks and possibly a small panel discussion:


10am - Meet at the venue - for coffee and welcome.

10:30 - First infrastructure safari, starting from the venue, Riverside Warehouse. Google map of the route here

12:00 - Return to the venue. A short round-up presentation on the last year.

12:30 - Lunch at the venue.

13:30 - presentation and Q & A with Caro Wild on Cardiff's plans.

14:30 - Second infrastructure safari.

16:00 - Coffee at the venue, and AGM business.

16:15 - Embassy workshops - 'Turning the Corner' and 'The Ideal Bus Stop Bypass'

17:00ish - Head to the pub, and then to the evening venue - by bike, of course!


On Sunday

10am - We have a venue at City Hall - details on Saturday.

10:30 - Sunday infrastructure safari. Google map here.

11:30 - Review / wrap-up / next steps

12:15 - lunch and departure. (On Saturday we'll get a feel for whether there's appetite for another ride.)

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