Cycle route priority with crossing traffic in Sheffield, not working

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Cycle route priority with crossing traffic in Sheffield, not working


There's a recently altered road junction in Sheffield which has been changed to take advantage of a newly filtered street.

Priority has been changed so that the cycle route has priority over crossing traffic (of which there is lots at peak times). This is part of a cycle route through the cities university area. Some videos showing the junction and the problems.

The location is here:

It's not working, as you can see from the videos. People driving across simply don't know to give way and check for crossing traffic. I'm wondering what design features/best practice has been missed that makes this design not work.

What I've got so far:

  • Give way markings in grey, on grey stone, not visible enough, should be white on black.
  • Very little differentiation between cycle surface and car surface (should be black and red).
  • No hump up to the cycle route.
  • Big wide radius corners, they should be much tighter.
  • The cycle route road might be too wide, making turning onto it and off of it easy at speed.

Any thoughts?



It is an unfortunate mix of an unmarked informal junction ala Poynton etc & a blended side road treatment.

Difficult to judge what would happen when a vehicle/bike is crossing but for pedestrians the kerbline & blister paving makes it look like a normal junction, so peds stop & wait for the vehicles to pass and it seems like the drivers expect that.

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