Embassy 2016 AGM - Infrastructure Library Discussion


We discussed the idea of an infra library, and what it should be. The discussion and boards generated these items:

Use cases: how we think people might use the library, or how we might use it

Things people asked for: A simple list of what we thought should be in it

As a result, we produced two lists. The first is a list of “infrastructure components” which we wanted to have documented properly. This is intended to be reasonably exhaustive. For each of the things in the list, we wanted to try to complete all the items in the “What we want’ list. This last one is prioritised, in MoSCoW fashion.

There are also a few subsidiary notes at the end.

Use Cases People Identified
  1. This is the road now, this is what it might look like if it were fixed for cycling.
  2. Meeting with developer - be able to show the result of doing it right - i.e. You don't need a two lane highway here, if you put in cycling, other roads could be relieved
  3. Inspirational tool that lets you play around, lets us show how things could be - bit like a super-index of all the material .. Being able to do a what-if
  4. "This is the width of this road, this is the volume, what can we do on this road."
  5. Be able to be knowledgeable about a specific piece of infra., and show a cycling officer how something is possible. "We're not Holland - never mind, we can do this stuff like *this*."
  6. Materials that support us showing good examples to non-engineers and locals, that have materials which look good for cycling, and also look like somewhere you want to live.
  7. Video - how does a driveway or other thing look in 'real life'
  8. "Here's how this street looks with good cycling" - something that we can show to members of the public
  9. "I've got this budget, what can I do?"
  10. "I'm spending this on the project" "Ok, here's the other thing you can do."
  11. We have lots of councillors and officers who just don't understand stuff. Need the materials to take them there.
  12. Clear examples of what we do with a facility where we lose width on a street where otherwise it's really nice.
  13. How can I support x,000 people doing cycling on this route.
  14. Some of the raw data points we need to build a case.
  15. Problem > Solution. Which bike fixes your problem? "Problem: bus route. Solution: floating bus stop"
Things People Asked for in the Infra Library
  • What is a ...?
  • Show me the traffic for this ...
  • What sort of thing can and should be built in a particular location?
  • A Cycling Fallacies site about infrastructure <?>
  • Guides to how to change (process)
  • Supporting evidence
  • Show benefits to all users <?>
  • What are the standards when designing for cars? <?>
  • Before and after photos
  • Details of disruption when this feature is built
  • Show the traffic volumes this will support
  • Good examples for different widths
  • General principles of design - fundamental design guidance which can be applied anywhere
  • What do things cost?
  • A to B journeys - ?? How easy? <?>
  • Why is it designed that way?
  • Video of junctions
  • Example plans
  • Social cycling <?>
  • Designing a cycle network - how and why
  • What tools are available?
  • How wide is a cycle lane? <?>
  • Streetmix widths
  • Imaginary town - places examples in town
  • What would your community look like if we did this?
  • Images of good infra., placed on a map
  • Motor pinch points - how can we do these without breaking cycling?
  • Where are the collisions?
  • How to implement PCT.bike scenarios - examples to support future cycle flow rates
  • Problem / solution pairs: "I can't do shopping" "look, a cargo bike"
  • Attractive images showing more liveable environments
The “Component List” we assembled


  • Traffic Free Path
  • Pedestrianized Street
  • Road with no infrastructure
  • Advisory Cycle Lane
  • Mandatory Cycle Lane
  • Hybrid/Stepped Cycle Lane
  • Lightly Protected Cycle Track
  • Fully Protected Cycle Track


  • Nothing

  • Driveways

  • Private Entrances

  • Simple Priority

  • Minor Side Road

  • Major Side Road

  • Mini Roundabout

  • Double Mini Roundabout

  • Compact Roundabout

  • Large Roundabout

  • Signalized Roundabout

  • Gyratory system

  • Grade separated

  • - Bridge

  • - Underpass

  • Signalized Junctions

  • - 3 arm

  • - 4 arm (Crossroad)

  • - 4 arm (Staggered)

  • - Multi-arm


  • 'Floating' Bus Stop

  • 'Floating' Parking

  • 'Floating' Loading

  • Kerbing (Footway / Cycleway)

  • Kerbing (Cycleway / Roadway)

  • Trees

  • Street clutter

  • - Signs

  • - Lighting

  • - Phone Boxes (Telecommunications cabinets)

  • - Seating

  • Drainage

  • Filters

  • - Bollards

  • - Signs

  • - Opposed One Ways

  • - Gates

  • - Width Restrictions

  • Road Marking

  • Cycle Parking

  • Ramps Gradients

  • Pedestrian Refuges

  • Cycle Refuges


  • Toucan

  • Cycle Zebra

  • Unsignalized Cycle Crossing

What we want to try and record for each Component

(Grouped by ‘Concept’, ‘Situation’ and ‘Examples’)

Must: (Concepr)

  • Relevant legislation.

  • Design guidelines basis/lini.

  • Cost.

  • Illustration (i.e. Visual diasgram)


Must (Situation)

  • Widths (available dimensions of feature).

  • Function of road. (Is this like 'trunk'?)

  • Volume of traffic

  • Any special traffic which uses it (e.g. Buses, HGV, trams)


Must (example things)

  • Photos

  • Where is has been done (worldwide)

  • Cost

  • Video


Should (concept)

  • Critical context-specific details

  • Gold standard

  • Videos (ideal)


Should (situation)

  • Volume of traffic

  • Collisions (before/after - inc summary)

  • Area purpose


Should (Example)

  • Plans (design and build)

  • Where has it been done (UK)


Could (concept)

  • 3d visual

  • Signal diagram


Could (situation)

  • Speed of traffic

  • Perspectives of car/walk/bike

  • When was it built?


Could (example)

  • Consultation for proposal

  • Why was it done this way?

  • Consultation response

  • How was it done (technically)

  • How was it done (politically)      

Other Notes

Ranty Mark - engineers need to know "What kit do I need to build a floating bus stop?"


Sally - people aren't going to say 'How do I do a bus stop by pass. They're going to say "How do I fix this bus lane for cycling?"


Welsh design guide has a really good glossary


Can we re-use the dictionary, and the existing tools, and link them all together properly?


HEAT calculation?

Big list of tools


Idea - if the tool is to be used by professional bodies, then it needs to be dispassionate / professional sounding / etc.


Cyclenation - Cycling Environment Assessment Tool

What other tools are out there?


We identified a range of things we'd like to see for the items on the list of 'infrastructure'. Not all of these would apply to each one, nor do we expect to do them all.