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Clive Durdle
The Copenhagenize Design Company

There have  been some references to traffic engineering companies, so I thought I would check if anyne is doing it properly!



This is Copenhagenize Design Company

The fast track to Bicycle Culture 2.0.

We're your multi-disciplinary "go-to team" for cities in all matters relating to bicycle culture, planning, traffic and communications. We approach every job from the human perspective - using design, anthropology, sociology and common sense as our points of departure.

Only a few generations ago, the bicycle was a main feature on the urban landscape of cities and towns around the world. There is little standing in the way of us advancing the evolution of Bicycle Culture 2.0. Modern urban planning is often singular in its focus on technical models and solutions, statistics, impact assessment and cost. Copenhagenize prefers to place the primary focus on human nature in our work. We think bicycle user first and design from there, whatever the city.

Our speciality is inspiring and advising both cities and organisations about how to re-establish the bicycle as a transport form and thereafter reap the wealth of benefits. 

Reestablishing the bicycle on the urban landscape, for us, is designing and constructing a monument in each city we work in. A monument to human ingenuity and rationality and every brick of the momument is human-powered.

We think we have the best job in the world.

For information about internships, click here to read more."



I don't know if anyone watched the Youtube talk with Mikael Colville-Andersen TED Zurich a beautiful concept from start to finish and like the man says, not Rocket Science. We, Cyclists, do NOT belong on busy  roads in cities, mingling with heavy traffic. When will good old Blighty get their heads around that.  This can work if we're all in our separate lanes totally separate from motorised vehicles. I just love the system in Europe. I cycled for 8 months in Germany and when I came back to "I hate cyclists" land I joined CTC and signed up to 'Cycling Embassy of Great Britain' because if you're not a part of something, how can you hope to achieve change. I love my bike and love cycling but most definitely Not on busy city street. I cheated my way around London for 6yrs when I lived in Hammersmith. This is why I'm alive to tell the tale.  I started cycling in 2005 just after the 7/7 bombings. The Picadilly Line was closed buses never get there on time due to traffic, so I decided my transport would now be my bike. I never looked back, cycling along the Thames is simply idylllic, nice and leisurely admiring the views. I'd use pavements/paths, always taking care not to upset pedestrians and using the road where it was safe to do so. One of my biggest enemies on the roads, are some of my fellow cyclists. I call them the 'Lycra Mob' trying to achieve their Yellow Jersey... and being ruthless into the bargain. Some have been quite nasty to me and others too. (No better than the Angry Drivers)I don't want to become like that. I am happy to cycle along and enjoy the ride, taking in the sights and meeting people along the way. In 2010 Mum and I moved out of London to Slough and a year later I changed jobs to one in Windsor. My wages went down but my life style has gone up 100% I cycle to work most days and get a quick swim in along the way at my local swim baths. This is a perfect start to my working day.. Happy Cycling everyone and Roll on 'The Cycling Super Highway' ...

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