Cycling Embassy - October Newsletter

Hello Subscribers and Ambassadors,

Since we last emailed you, the Embassy has been busy on a number of activities.

Following the AGM, we've been beefing up the dictionary, as well as our knowledge base. The intention is that these should aupport you in your campaigning activities, as well as helping to understand the sometimes dry but important stuff about things like 'tactile' and rubbish claims like "people cycle in the Netherlands because it's flat". So pop along to either of these and let us know if they help you, or if there's something else that would support our cause.

Elsewhere, you can read the latest blog round-up,  our response

And, of course, because this newsletter is a bit later than you might expect, we can also remind you that the AGM reports and details are all online. 

We're hoping to repeat the #LCDSHour which we ran (discussing TfL's new London Cycle Design Standards) at some point - you can see the Storify here - and we're always checking the forums

As you can see, we're trying to re-start the newsletter, to complement the excellent blog round-up - if there's something specific you'd like to see regularly in newsletters, do let us know, via

Best wishes,

Cycling Embassy of Great Britain