Good local cycling strategies - are there any?

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Good local cycling strategies - are there any?

Rachel Aldred has enquired via email whether we can recommend a local Authority cycling strategy that's actually any good.

Suggestions so far have been Lambeth & the one that Surrey is currently consulting on. Any others? Or ones that are good in parts?


What is Lambeth's strategy?

What's the Surrey one?


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Neither mention de-prioritisation of motor traffic such as reduction of parking. This is crucial to give people more practical motive to cycle (motoring is more difficult) and create space for cycling infrastructure. This could be justified by listing the negative effects of motor traffic dominance on a community, and the all the benefits of cycling (including better social lives!)

I doubt they would dare to say this, even in a borough where the majority of voters don't drive.

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I can assure you that Lambeth's strategy isn't worth the paper it's written on -- and that is a borough where most households don't have access to a motor vehicle. 

They say words like "8 to 80" and "prioritise walking and cycling" because it sounds like the sort of thing they should be saying, but they don't actually know what that means. 

If they realised that achieving those goals would mean a complete rethink of everything their streets/roads department has been doing for the past 30 years, they would crap themselves with fright.

I wrote about Lambeth's plans here and here.

Lambeth Council might as well start a space programme, they have just as much of a clue about that. It would amount to nothing, of course, just like their cycling plan.


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