Birmingham's Cycling Revolution

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Birmingham's Cycling Revolution

... apparently!

Anyone had a look at the plans yet?

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It looks like a lot of nice words...

Lots of talk about using the canal network - I suppose with Brum having "more canals than Venice" that was always going to happen!

Training Highways staff and consultants in "Better by Design" is a good move (but then I would say that!).

I'll have a good read later. Also, I'm interested in what the Birmingham Urban Mobility Plan will bring.

Bracken Van Ryssen
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I have compiled my (rather cynical) take on the document in a blog post over here - .
To put it lightly; I am not overawed. I think that it lacks ambition, yes this is only the initial document but the wording sounds like much of the same infrastructure we have been led to expect from the majority of local authorities.
I won't say the changes will be completely useless but are we maybe asking for too little?

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