Summer of Cycling

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Summer of Cycling

What are peeps and groups up to? Is it just another promo campaign? Can we use the Summer of Cycling to our effect?

Here's what the Newcastle Cycling Campaign has planned


I still haven't got my head around what it involves? Is it Bikeweek + or what? I mean, it's a nice video and all ... (especially that strange German woman at the end)...

AKA TownMouse


It's whatever people do with it.

It's a platform people can use to get others on bikes, maybe for the first time.

Now, you could do this without the Summer of Cycling but it's a tagline thing.

The +1 concept will be mainly a website and Facebook thing, but users - as Newcycling demonstrate - can do what they like with it. Nobody "owns" the concept, it's a free for all.

Thing is, 24+ cycle orgs are going to be promoting it from next week, with links, and banners, and stuff. I'd encourage the GB Cycling Embassy to join in.

Watch out for details mid to late next week on and on

I'm running @summerofcycling, other folks are running other parts.

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