Rules regarding Sheffield Stands

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Rules regarding Sheffield Stands

Hi folks

A few questions re: Sheffield Stands:


  • Do they need planning permission?
  • Are they allowed in conservation areas?
  • Where would one buy them and what would be a reasonable cost per stand?


  • Depends on you local authority (Cycle parking stands do not generally require planning permission, but best to check with your local planning department)
  • Depends on you local authority (here in Edinburgh they are allowed in the parts of the city which are UN World Hertage Sites)
  • Anything from £29 to £120 plus installation. There are verious suppliers Boxap (, Steel Line (, Bike Dock Solutions (, etc. to name but a few, aslo check out Cyclehoop Ltd ( for other great ideas.
pete owens

The main legal problem - at least with our LA is establishing who owns the land that it is proposed to put them on. Often spaces that we think of as public are actually privately owned.

One thing you do need to watch out for is that they have good instructions for putting them up - and issue a proper drawing to the people physically doing the job. Often they are too close together (thus halving the capacity) or placed too close to a wall (so you can't lean your frame against them or lock the back wheel).

They should be at least 1m apart and be 0.5m clear of walls.


When I was a humble Information Officer at CTC, they had this very good sheet on bike parking that I'd dispatch to LA's

There's also this from the now defunct Cycling England (in our document library)

..and this very good booklet from 2008, prepared by Cambridge Cycle Campaign (also in our document library)


Thanks, some useful information there!

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