[Rail] - Infrastructure Safari?

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[Rail] - Infrastructure Safari?

Not directly related to cycling but potentially useful for any Southern, West Midlands and North West (ish) based people who are looking to do an infrastructure safaris.

London Midland are running their 'Great Escape' again http://www.londonmidland.com/tickets-and-fares/great-escape/, basically £15 go anywhere on their trains all day. Works as a rover ticket so you could in theory cover Milton Keynes and somewhere else like Brum or Stoke.

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The site doesn't seem to work very well for me, all of the links seem to redirect me to the same page. Do London Midland run any services out of Manchester? Would love to see MK first hand (or go to The Wellington and have a bit of an infrastructure safari in Brum).


Hmm, when I pull up the link in Firefox it works fine!

The Great Escape is back!

Between Saturday 4 - Sunday 19 February 2012 you can take off for the day for just £15 (£5 for children) with our Great Escape ticket - or go first class for just £10 more. Railcard holders get an even better deal at just £9.90 (or £16.50 for first class).

You can visit as many or as few places as you like - the ticket gives you a day's unlimited travel on London Midland trains across our network after the morning peak period. There are no afternoon or evening travel restrictions.

We've got thousands of Great Escape tickets, click here to find out which days still have vouchers available

LM don't run services into Manchester, but they do run a service London - MK - Stoke - Kidsgrove - Crewe. I reckon Kidsgrove is ~15 mi from Macc.

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