Policy Bash 2012

This thread on the forum (you need to be logged in to read it) gives some background to what is needed and this one on what people generally agreed were the priorities. Katja Leyendecker has done a handy review of the principles of separation according to 5 different design documents.

UK Infrastructure Design

  • Scotland’s ‘Cycling by Design’ can be found here – this is the 2010 updated version

Dutch Infrastructure design

We’ll have a copy of the CROW manual available on the day (it’s not available electronically). However, the following should give you some background information

  • Our wiki has a brief introduction to Dutch Infrastructure, with onward links. The Study Tour page provides links to photos, videos, routes and blog posts about the trip.
  • The Fietsberaad Examples Bank gives nice illustrated examples, including roundabouts, traffic lights, bicycle roads and so on.
  • Mark Wagenbuur’s videos also help explain some aspects of Dutch infrastructure