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Field Trip on the Wiki

We’ll be doing more writing up in due course but for now, for those of you who couldn’t go to Assen, we’ve started gathering all those photos, videos and blog posts in one handy place on the wiki

for those who couldn’t make it, don’t despair – we’re hoping to make these an annual event.

Dr C.
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Excellent, I’d love to go next year when I’m not so dirt-poor (hopefully). I noticed on Twitter earlier that you mentioned making a Powerpoint presentation. I think a slide kit based on the study group’s experiences, consisting largely of photography, could be a useful tool for our members to show to their local campaign groups (and form the basis of any presentations the CEoGB is asked to give at conferences etc)


I’ve added the slide show to the wiki page and made the slide show itself creative commons, so people can reuse it if they wish.

This was obviously just something put together quickly for my own cycling group using my own photos and is not the last word on the subject but we could probably use it as a basis for something more polished (and Embassy branded).

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