Climate Rush - Cycle for London

Date and time: 
22 September, 2011 - 08:00
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From Climate Rush website..

Meeting at Blackfriars Bridge (South side, outside Doggett’s Pub)

Toxic air quality, hundreds of road deaths and the most congested streets in Europe: this is TFL’s gift to London. For as long as Transport for London values cars above cyclists and pedestrians neither our streets nor our lungs will be safe.

In the eyes of TfL one car-user deserves and is given 5x the space of a cyclist or pedestrian. Every time TfL design a road or public space they put the needs of a life-endangering car above the needs of vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists.

It’s time their attitude changed. Our clogged up streets can’t carry this capacity any more. People should be encouraged to leave their car at home, jump on their cycle or use public transport and walk.

Join Climate Rush and London cycling campaigns for an early-morning bike ride followed by a TfL roadblock.

Meet at 8am on the North side of Blackfriars Bridge before we make our way to TfL HQ.

We’ll chalk our messages on their pavement before hurrying off to work (on time!).

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