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Gil Penalosa

Has anyone seen any of his talks for 8-80? He talks very passionately about the need to think big, and perhaps embarrassingly, cites examples of the most unlikely cities being transformed into liveable areas for pedestrians and cyclists alike:

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Thanks for posting this Tirez, it should be required viewing for every single politician and planner in the UK.


The best bike is a used bike!


Gil Penalosa and his brother, Enrique, are an incredible force for good in planning circles. Gil works a lot with Gehl Architects who are probably the best firm around for pushing for the liveable cities and equality of space agenda.

For those interested I did a write up when I met Enrique Penalosa at the LSE, there’s some great vids of the cool stuff happening in Bogota here as well:

For those who know Gehl Architects one of their lead designers is giving the next Street Talks here in London next month, it’s free and sure to be a really interesting evening:

Bruce, one of the organisers of Street Talks, was at our launch in London too.

Tirez, I hadn’t seen Gil’s 8.80 talk, thanks so much for posting the link!

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