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Fact sheets
Another idea I've had... Do you think it would be worthwhile creating fact sheets for other organisations on what they can do accommodate cycling, which in turn may make it seem 'normal' as a transport mode rather than sporting activity? E.g. I'm thinking along the lines of small museums etc where a few Sheffield stands would go a long way, but if those in charge aren't 'cyclists' that wouldn't necessarily think bike when planning any upgrades etc... (Did you know you can buy Sheffield Stands on Amazon? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Parrs-Ragged-Sheffield-Cycle-Stand/dp/B003LQ1SJC... - awesome eh?!)

never trust amazon with anything that isn’t a book or dvd. bolt-in sheffield stands are easily unbolted to steal bike and stand ;) the ones at my old office didn’t even need unbolting — they slowly came out of the ground over time anyway.

Joe Dunckley


Nonetheless there are bike parking companies here that offer innovative solutions (even if they’re implemented in Europe) and it may even be worth offering blog space for people to show off stuff they’ve been up to.

Call me sad, but I’d like to see a few more images of this


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