Latest news from the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain

Dear Cycling Embassy Supporter,

Here’s the latest news from the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain. We’re slowly going from strength to strength, and growing all the time, but we need your involvement to keep moving forward so please do get involved!

Next Meeting & Launch

Everyone is invited to our next meeting which is in Manchester, on Saturday 21st May. We’ll be taking the next steps in the Cycling Embassy’s future at this meeting; we hope to ratify our constitution, agree the final version of our manifesto and mission statement, and plan our proposed launch in London for Bike Week in June. Oh, and there will be an infrastructure safari and drinks, too. We hope to see as many of you who can make it as possible!

Cycle Facility Map and Wiki

We continue to build on our arsenal of campaigning tools. Not only have we collected cycle design standards and campaign policy documents from all over the cycling world together for the first time, we’re also compiling an online map of the best examples of cycling infrastructure right here in the UK – some of it really does exist out there! We’re also developing a wiki providing answers to every myth you wanted to expose about cycling infrastructure, and summarising best practice elsewhere…

…all of these projects need contributions and crowd sourcing from you, our supporters, so please do log in and get involved! If you’d like to help, there’s information on how to get involved on the website ( – please note, this link requires you to have a log in to the Embassy Website. If you’ve not already registered, you can do so here for free).

Infrastructure Safari NL!

In September the Cycling Embassy will be hosting its first ever international cycle infrastructure safari, to the sunny Netherlands, hosted by David Hembrow from A View from the Cycle Path fame. Interested? Find out more.

We need your photos!

We’re collecting photos of people on bikes – kids, grans, ordinary Joes, you know the sort – as well as images of cycling infrastructure for our campaign materials and publicity, in advance of our launch in June. If you’ve got some great pictures that you are happy to share and have re-published, please upload them to the Cycling Embassy’s Flickr group.

From around the internet;

A View From the Cycle Path reports on peace breaking out between drivers and cyclists in the Netherlands

Over in Copenhagen the locals are getting hot under the collar as the date keeps getting pushed back to achieve 50% of all commutes to be by bike. 50%!

i b i k e l o n d o n enjoys a glorious afternoon awheel in London on The Tweed Run 2011

Jim Davis, founder of the Cycling Embassy gave a presentation at Street Talks in London – if you missed it you can see the presentation and listen again via the Movement for Liveable London website

And finally..

The Cycle Embassy needs your support to succeed. Even if you can’t make it to our next meeting or get involved online, we’re pleased to now offer a PayPal service whereby you can donate any spare pennies you have to the start up costs.

All the best,

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain