Can we whip up 100000 supporters?

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Can we whip up 100000 supporters?

Well if we can, the government will have to discuss our “agenda” won’t they? OK maybe they won’t but a Government Petition may be a good place to start.
Just a thought as the thaw sets in!


I would hold back until we find time to officially launch. 100,000 is about 40,000 more than CTC has as membership. However, seeing as we would be representing the Everyday Cyclist (in particular, those that want to cycle but don’t at the moment), there’s no reason why it shouldn’t succeed. Just wait until we get mums and dads on board!


I thought wow, that’s a bit ambitious, especially given the level of CTC membership. But CAMRA’s got 100,000 members, and Real Ale is surely as much a minority interest as Real Cycling, it’s just it’s been around for longer.

If each of us could find 5 people who don’t cycle but would like to, and they each find 5 people … maybe we could get there

AKA TownMouse

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Whilst some CTC members would possibly support us, I think that the best people to target would be parents, teachers, students, doctors and other health professionals – in fact anybody who would like to see more active travel but who are worried by the present lack of infrastructure. We’ve all seen stories about some kid who is not allowed to ride his bike to school because the school think the roads are too dangerous……..


The best bike is a used bike!


Maybe there is something to be learnt from CAMRA’s organisation and growth. ‘Real’ cycling is in the doldrums as ‘real’ ale was some years ago.

Dr C.
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I like it, CAMRA has done a lot for beer. Beer used to be great but then it went through a dark age, now real beer is returning to our pubs. Hopefully we can get real transport, real cycling to return to our roads.

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