Cycling Fallacies site going global!

Our myth-busting site, Cycling Fallacies, has inspired people across the world to translate it into their own language. It turns out that most of the tired old nonsense about cycling is universal!

The site is now available in Italian, German, French, Catalan and Greek  – in addition to English and Portuguese, which were already available. We hope to have more languages available soon.

It's been an interesting exercise for us, discovering how perceptions of cycling can vary around the world. For example, we were surprised to find that the “hi-viz” myth isn't common in Italy, especially as that is such a popular misconception elsewhere.

It's also interesting to see how the meaning of “cyclist” seems to vary greatly between “person who happens to be cycling right now” and “avid cycling fan/member of an exclusive out-group”, depending on the level of cycling in that country.

If you speak another language and would like to help translate the site, please get in touch!

A montage of the Cycling Fallacies website in various languages