A Seaside Safari - join us in Dorset on 27th September


The Embassy will be visiting Dorset on the 27th September, to take a look at cycling infrastructure in Dorchester and Weymouth, and their surroundings. 

We will be escorted by Dorset County Council's transport planner, who will be showing us the changes that have been implemented to make cycling more attractive in the towns, as well as giving as us first-hand insight into the problems and challenges faced in developing a cycling network - particularly funding issues, and political difficulties in tackling gaps in the network. We'll get insight from someone 'in the know'. 

So, we hope you can join us for a ride by the sea in (fingers crossed!) some late summer/early autumn sunshine, accompanied by stops for lunch and pubbing. 

The ride will start at Dorchester South Railway station, meeting between 11am and 11:15am. For those coming from London, and the east, this coincides with the 8:35 Waterloo train, which arrives at 11:04.  

We will make leisurely progress to Weymouth, before (weather depending) heading on to Portland. (The route will - approximately - follow this Safari conducted by Joe Dunckley). We will be making a pub stop for lunch, either in Weymouth or Portland. Those who have return trains to catch can disperse when they wish.

Any questions, or if you just want to let us know you're coming, do contact us