Embassy News - 2013

Urge the Government to implement the Get Britain Cycling Report

We join with the Times' Cities Fit for Cycling Campaign in urging everyone who cares about better travel and safer streets to sign this petition  urging the Government to promote cycling by implementing the Get Britain Cycling report (the full report can be found here). 

Cycle tracks and bus stops - a response to Transport for All

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain notes the concerns raised by Transport for All regarding proposals for 'bus stop bypasses' - cycle tracks passing behind bus stops - in London. 

Clearly, the running of a cycle track between a pavement and a waiting area for buses is less ideal for pedestrians than an uninterrupted pavement. An opportunity for conflict presents itself, where none existed previously.  

Cycling Embassy members to gather at Newcastle

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain is inviting all of its members, and those interested in first class cycling provision in the UK, to join it and New Cycling in Newcastle on the 1st and 2nd of June for a gathering and AGM.

Consultation response - TfL’s “School and Young Person Delivery Plan”

A response to Transport for London's Schools and Young Person Delivery Plan [pdf]

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain welcomes TfL’s commitment to ensuring that young people have a range of transport options available to them, as well as the commitment to ensure that young people can safely and positively access these transport options.

Join us in Cambridge - March 23

A date for your diaries!

We have been kindly invited by Cambridge Cycling Campaign to go on an Infrastructure Safari to see the best and worst of cycle infrastructure in their fair city, and the issues they face in local campaigning.

Superhighway 2 Extension - Consultation Response

We are strongly in favour of the proposed cycle track along Stratford High Street, kerb-separated from motor traffic, and achieved by reallocation of carriageway space.

Picture adapted by @AlternativeDfT

Get Britain Cycling Inquiry Third Session - 'Build for cycling as a mainstream activity'

The third session of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group Inquiry heard today from twelve witnesses on the subject of the planning and design requirements to 'Get Britain Cycling'. 

The overriding message from the session was one of a need for much greater ambition and commitment from central government, and of a need to focus on making cycling a safe and comfortable experience for all potential, as well as current, users. 

Cycling Embassy objects to increased speed limits for HGVs

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain has responded to the Department for Transport's consultation, strongly rejecting its proposal to increase the speed limits for HGVs over 7.5 tonnes on single carriageway roads. The Department for Transport had argued that this would increase safety by reducing 'platooning' whereby lorries bunch up on single carriageway roads, making drivers of faster vehicles take risks in overtaking them.

'Get Britain Cycling' Inquiry - First Session

The first session of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group's 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry heard evidence today from eleven different witnesses, on the subject of cycling strategy.


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