Embassy response to TfL Superhighways announcement

In response to the publication today by Transport for London of details of forthcoming protected cycling routes in central London, Mark Treasure, chair of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain, said:

"It is encouraging to see that TfL are recognising past mistakes, even if it is taking death and serious injury for them to do so. Superhighway 2 in particular is demonstrably lethal, and unattractive to would-be cyclists. Lessons are being learned in the worst way possible.

"Today's announcements suggest that TfL are now starting to adopt proven solutions from the continent, that make cycling both safe and attractive. However, it is essential that designs really are up to scratch, and don't just give up when the going gets tough, particularly at major junctions. That means that motor traffic capacity can and should be sacrificed, where necessary.

"Most importantly, we need to start seeing action on the ground, not just with the proposed upgrading of the entire Superhighway 2 route and the newly-announced north-south segregated Superhighway, but with a joined-up network across the city - not just single isolated routes that don't connect with anything else."