PoP the champagne for our award-winning Ambassador

She's been there right from the start. She gets things done. She normally humbly stays in the background - but her willpower and energy is palpable at every point along the way (which is physically separated from the fast heavy traffic of course). And this time only the brightest shiniest of limelights would do: It's none other than Sally Hinchcliffe, and she's just won the award for SMK Transport Campaigner 2013. We cannot think of anyone more deserving to be handed this prestigious accolade.

The GB Cycling Embassy is exceedingly proud to have Sally 'on board' with her knack to steer and shape, and making change happen. We believe the status of cycling in the UK would not be where it is now without Sally. Last year she was runner-up, this year she's been recognised as the winner she clearly is.

Congratulations. What a lady!

Sally not only helped found the CEoGB, she also played a major role in creating Pedal on Parliament (PoP) in Scotland. When in 2012, 3000 people cycled from all across Scotland to pedal the final mile together in solidarity and press for political commitment for investment in cycling infrastructure - it was an even bigger demonstration of pedal power in 2013 with 4000 showing their resolve and, again, ask for better and safer cycling infrastructure and fair funding for it - we aren't cyclists, we are everyone. And back at home - these days, near Dumfries? She is chairing Cycling Dumfries, the local cycling campaign. Pressing for change and fairness is simply a way of life for her. Bringing the transport challenges of our time straight to our doorstep. She's a natural campaigner.

Sally says :

I'm humbled to be awarded for something that I feel I've only played a very small part in. Pedal on Parliament was very much a group effort, and I was just one of a handful of people who have put an enormous amount of work into trying to make Scotland a cycle-friendly country. And I've been helped every step of the way by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain which is rapidly becoming a vital resource for any cycle campaigner. I hope that the SMK award will help me continue to build bridges between cycling campaigns and also to reach out beyond the world of cycling to the 'everyone' that we want to see able to ride bikes safely and happily in Scotland and the rest of the UK.