TRL trialling Dutch infrastructure on behalf of Transport for London

The Transport Research Laboratory is currently trialling Dutch cycling infrastructure on behalf of Transport for London. Pictures released today show a perimeter cycle track with priority crossings, adjacent to zebra crossings, modelled on Dutch roundabout design. Dutch road markings will be replaced with their UK equivalents in further trials.

Aspects of the layout do not conform to current Department for Transport regulations. However TfL's new Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan has told the BBC that the roundabout design could appear as early as 2014, if the necesssary changes are made. Transport for London are working closely with the Department for Transport with a view to trialling this design on the public highway.

The trials, running at the TRL site in Berkshire until July, come in the wake of a consultation on a Transport for London junction review at the Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout. The initial improvements suggested a shared use pavement with cyclists using the existing zebra crossings. These proposals were abandoned in the light of overwhelming opposition. 98% of respondents called for a Dutch-style perimeter cycle track instead, the design that is currently being trialled.

The Transport Research Laboratory are also testing low-level bicycle signalling, and cycle-specific crossing phases at signalised junctions.