The Mayor's Vision for Cycling in London

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain welcomes the proposals contained within the Mayor's newly-published Vision for Cycling in London. We are pleased to see a recognition of the policies that are required to increase the attractiveness of cycling as an ordinary mode of transport - particularly the separation of cyclists from motor traffic.

While more detail is required of the exact nature of the proposals, the clear statements of intent represent a ground-breaking new approach to cycling policy not just in London, but in Britain.

If adequate funding is secured, and the ambitious language of the new cycling strategy is matched by the quality of implementation, the Vision will constitute a tremendous step forward. The Cycling Embassy will be watching closely and keeping the pressure on the Mayor to ensure that actions really live up to the words in the coming months and years.

We hope that the boldness of this document can serve as inspiration to other councils and leaders across Great Britain, and in particular to central government, soon to receive the findings of the Get Britain Cycling inquiry. The time is right for these kinds of proposals to be the norm, and not exceptional.