Save the Emperor Way path in Fishbourne

The Emperor Way path in Fishbourne is part of the National Cycle Network and an important connecting route between the village and Chichester, allowing children to cycle to and from schools in the area without using a busy A-road.

Unfortunately the path was built by Sustrans on a permissive basis with the Sussex Archaeological Society, who own the land. The Society now wishes to expand their Fishbourne Palace site, and feels that the path cannot stay on its current route. 

If the path is lost entirely, cyclists will have to use the A259 through the village of Fishbourne, which is a busy arterial road, and not suitable for the many children who currently use the Emperor Way path.

A public meeting is being held this Thursday evening at the Fishbourne Centre, where it is hoped the trustees, local residents, and users of the path can come to some agreement on a permanent route for the Emperor Way. You can write to the trustees in advance of that meeting by using the CTC's form here.

More detail, with photographs and background, is available on the As Easy As Riding A Bike blog.