Cycling Embassy calls on new Health & Transport Secretaries to realise benefits of the bicycle

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain have written open letters to the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP and the Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, who became Secretaries of State for Health and Transport respectively in the cabinet reshuffle last week, pointing out the benefits of investing in the bicycle.

The letter to the new Health Secretary notes the increasing cost of obesity to the NHS and how changes in the physical environment can make walking and cycling more attractive, saving money and lives. 'Given the enormous health, economic and social benefits cycling infrastructure, and at a time when the government is considering forms of infrastructure investment as a means to kick-start the economy, we would urge you and your cabinet colleagues to give serious attention to investment in infrastructure for bicycles.'

The letter to the new Transport Secretary notes the proven success of countries such as the Netherlands & Denmark in creating the right conditions for people to incorporate the bicycle into their everyday lifestyles and become a more normalised activity. 'We wish to create conditions in Great Britain that make cycling simple again in an increasingly hostile road environment, particularly for more vulnerable  members of society such as children wishing to cycle to school and disabled groups'.

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain shall be writing to all pertinent government departments and shall continue to remind them that investment in quality infrastructure for bicycles offers great returns and benefits that stretch way beyond the bicycle.