Roads Fit for Heroes


The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain would like to congratulate Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish, Chris Froome and the whole Sky team for their fantastic performance in the Tour de France. We're already hearing reports of bike sales shooting up as cycling - at least as a sport - goes mainstream in this country. We welcome anyone getting onto bikes, whatever the motivation and this can only be fantastic for the health and happiness of the nation.

What better opportunity will there be for the country's politicians to announce that they will be greeting our returning heroes with a policy that puts cycling right at the heart of the UK's infrastructure? Not just as a sport - on closed roads, or velodrome tracks - but designing cycling into every street and every junction. We'd hate to see all those shiny new bikes soon gathering dust in the nation's sheds once our aspiring Wigginses taste the reality of cycling on our roads. Let's seize the moment and make Britain's roads fit for all its cycling heroes, be they as fast as the Manx missile, or just pottering down to the shops.