Save Dublin's Cycling Officer

Dublin has been doing great things to promote cycling over the past few years – and has been rewarded with a doubling of modal share, with 4% of journeys by bike, a proportion that puts London’s efforts to shame. Not only that, but their cycling officer, Ciarán Fallon, took a trip to Amsterdam and London to see how it ought to be done (and not done, we assume, in the latter case…). Dublin’s success looks poised to be rolled out across the country, providing a great example just across the Irish Sea of how a country with a culture, topography and climate very like our own can pick its cycling rates off the floor and start to become a cycling nation once again

So we were saddened to learn that, due to the cuts, Mr Fallon’s post will not be renewed – even though the massively successful Dublin Bikes scheme is actually generating €400,000 a year for the council. We urge any Irish cyclists reading this to support Dublin Cycling’s campaign to reverse this decision.


We’re delighted to learn that the cycling officer post has been given a six month reprieve – congratulations to Dublin Cycling for their successful campaign, and to environment minister Phil Hogan for responding.