Tour du Danger

Boris Johnson thinks London’s junctions – including Elephant and Castle, where there have been 89 cyclist casualties in the last two years – are just ‘fine’, but we at the Cycling Embassy beg to disagree. London’s junctions, and streets, and cycle superhighways and paths, are poorly designed compromises where the cyclist – and the pedestrian – come last. London could be one of the world’s great cycling cities, to rival Copenhagen and Amsterdam, but only when the needs of its people are put ahead of the need to ‘smooth the flow of traffic’. If you agree – and you are willing and able – please join the Cycling Embassy’s own Mark Ames of ibikelondon and Cyclists in the City blogger Danny for tomorrow’s Tour du Danger, of the ten most dangerous London Junctions. You can find out more here

And it’s not just London, either. All across the country, people’s lives – on bikes, on foot, and in cars – are being put at risk because of the emphasis on traffic flow over every other consideration. We need to tell our government and our local councils that we aren’t going to take this any more and take back our streets for the people.