Cycle Infrastructure Tour: highlights

That’s all folks: the last kilometre has been cycled, the last junction has been admired, and the last beer has been drunk. The intrepid Cycling Embassy field trip team have dispersed – some straight to their homes, and some onward to other corners of the Netherlands, but all determined to do what it takes to bring some of that quality of design and provision back here to the UK.

The next steps will be to write up what we have seen and produce a definitive web guide to what ‘Going Dutch’ means in the world of cycle provision but meanwhile here are a few of the highlights of the visit:

Day One – trying out the bike bins (Jim hits the back of the net…)

(plus more pictures from Mark of As Easy as Riding a Bike and from David Arditti of Vole o’Speed)

Day Two – the Assen school run – and a curious local investigates one of our Bromptons

(plus more of Mark’s pictures)

Day Three – the Groningen rush hour – organised, or not so organised chaos,- and the obligatory sofa being carried by bike photo

(plus more of Mark’s pictures)

You can find all these and more by following our Twitter hashtag #CEoGBFieldTrip

If this has whetted your appetite, you may be interested to know that we’re planning to make these an annual event – watch this space for details. Or, if you can’t wait, you can organise your own study tour or cycling holiday through Hembrow. Cycling – highly recommended!

(Please note that the Netherlands Study Tour was entirely self-funded by the participants)