Cycle Infrastructure Tour: day three

Our third – and sadly last – day took us to Groningen, a thirty kilometre cycle ride into the city with probably the highest modal share of cycling in the whole of the Netherlands. This really is a sight to see, as we sat in the central square for lunch and just watched the parade of cyclists and pedestrians streaming past us – and the organised, and not so organised chaos of a large city centre that’s dominated by bikes. We also got a chance to see the awesome Groningen cycle parking, sample the shared space approach of Harlan and to see what the long-distance cycling provision between towns is like.

All this and more will be written up in more formal terms on the site, to create a handy guide to just what ‘going Dutch’ means in terms of cycling infrastructure – watch this space. Meanwhile, you can get a preview of our tweets, photos and videos via our CEoGBFieldTrip tag on twitter. And for those interested, we’re considering organising another field trip next year – any takers, let us know