Cycling Embassy Launch Success

A diverse bunch of cyclists gathered this weekend on the South Bank in London to celebrate the official launch of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain. We were joined by a representative of the Dutch Embassy (the real one!) who was happy to see an Embassy starting up rather than closing down for once. Jim Davis gave a short speech and then the real business of the day started – a bike ride and a picnic. Despite its recent resurfacing and widening, the bike lane on Lambeth bridge is still pitifully narrow and the London traffic did its part to remind us what we are about with one driver us up on the roundabout and all the rest ignoring the Advance Stop Lines at the lights. But the sun shone and from the excited sound of chat (and earnest bike policy discussion, according to taste) everyone seemed to have a great time. Thanks to everyone who turned up and who took postcards to distribute at the Sky ride – we’ve had a steady stream of new members (and donations) coming through so the effort has paid off

Read more from our Press Officer, Mark Ames on his personal blog I B i k e L o n d o n

Now the real work begins.