Cyclists plan protest on Blackfriars Bridge as Transport for London ignores London Assembly


Release date: 28 July 2011
Cycling Embassy of Great Britain

Cyclists plan protest on Blackfriars Bridge as Transport for London ignores London Assembly

Work by Transport for London to re-structure the northern junction of Blackfriars Bridge will commence this Friday evening despite protests from cyclists and politicians.

The work will see the current speed limit raised from 20mph to 30mph and the carriageway for motor traffic increased from two lanes to three, with work due to be carried out over the weekend.

By announcing it is going ahead with this work Transport for London is ignoring a sustained protest by
cycling organisations, as well as a motion calling for a review of the designs and increased speed limit, which received cross-party support from the democratically elected London Assembly

Even the Mayor, who is Chairman of TfL said on the 13th of July,

“More work needs to be done on cycling over Blackfriars Bridge and over the accessibility of cycling over Blackfriars Bridge. And speaking as someone who uses that route the whole time I am very much familiar with the problems of the cyclist on Blackfriars Bridge and I am working with TfL to try to work it out.”

Chairman of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain, Jim Davis, said,

“Are Transport for London completely out of control? By pushing ahead with this backwards design that gives minimal consideration to the needs of cyclists – who now outnumber cars on the bridge at peak hours – they are literally gambling with the safety of those wishing to get about by bicycle or on foot. It is responding neither to the all-party consensus of the London Assembly that its plans are unsatisfactory for pedestrians and cyclists, nor to Boris Johnson’s own concerns about the problems faced by cyclists on Blackfriars Bridge. It should be of concern to all Londoners that the Mayor and the GLA aren’t in control.”

Transport for London’s press release relies on incorrect and out of date data, claiming cyclists make up six per cent of the traffic, whereas the true figure, given by their own 24-hour counts in 2010, was 16 per cent.

“Transport for London is currently failing pedestrians and cyclists by continuing to design primarily for the convenience of car drivers. The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain is calling for a halt to works on the Bridge and a complete review of designs; we should look to the Netherlands to learn how to build truly safe cycling infrastructure instead of relying on TfL’s terrifying, dangerous plans.”

Cyclists will gather on Blackfriars Bridge at 6PM on Friday evening outside Doggett’s Pub for a protest ‘flashride’ across the bridge and to Waterloo where it will meet with the monthly ‘Critical Mass’ ride.

For further information, contact the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain’s Chair Jim Davis or the Press Officer, Mark Ames

Note to Editors: The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain ( is a newly founded national organisation dedicated to lobbying for safe and attractive conditions for cycling though the deployment of high-quality cycle infrastructure.