Policy Bash - and Virtual Policy Bash

Next weekend sees our first ever weekend Policy Bash, where we'll be getting together to thrash out the details of our infrastructure and campaigning policy. Places are extremely limited so if you do want to join in, please let us know (email chair@cycling-embassy.org.uk) - and of course all who can make it are invited to 'Roll with the Vole' on our pre-bash infrastructure safari (details here) to see the delights of Camden's cycling provision.

For those who can't make it physically down to London next weekend, you can still join in, in fact we need your help. Getting our policies right means tackling the hard stuff, the junctions, streets and roads where cycling is difficult, unpleasant and even dangerous. You all probably know of good examples close to you where the roads are a barrier two wheels to all but the quick and the brave. You've probably even got some good ideas of how they could be made so much better. If you want to join in the debate you could blog, tweet or email us those examples - along with what you'd do there if you ruled the world and could build the sort of infrastructure that makes cycling convenient and fun. Be as detailed or as imaginative as you like - the sky's the limit. We'll need a detailed enough map reference that we can see exactly what you're talking about (Google Streetview ideally), some idea of  what the problems and barriers are, and then any ideas you have as to how to tackle them. If you need inspiration, here are some recent examples from Embassy bloggers. Once you've done so, let us know, and we'll be adding any links to our virtual policy bash page as they come in. Use the hashtag #CEoGBBash to follow along on twitter too - we'll be tweeting throughout the week and, of course, into the weekend.