Toolbox for Cycle-Friendly Junctions in Amsterdam

Gemeente Amsterdam
Publication date: 
February 2017

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To improve the flow of cycle traffic, measures have to be taken regarding infrastructure and traffic regulations. Infrastructure measures focus on the required physical space, traffic control measures focus on the distribution of green and red times. Both types of measures obviously affect each other, but they can certainly prove their worth, in isolation.

Amsterdam has already been expanding crossroads for the benefit of cyclists. This is not limited to wider bicycle setup. Also, the 'separating islands' are removed or reduced, and zebras adapted. For example at the Mr. Visserplein, one of the city's busiest intersections, the cycle paths have been broadened in the summer of 2016, and markings were adapted. A separate route for cyclists has been made for the turn to the Valkenburgerstraat. Wider paths, widening of the bicycle waiting areas and narrowing of islands also give the cyclist more space on the intersection Czaar Peter Street - Cruquiuskade.