European Cycling Lexicon (Second edition)

Publication date: 
October 2010

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The European Cycling Lexicon contains key terms of cycling, cycling infrastructure and different types of cycles for different transport needs in 27 languages, including all 23 official languages of the EU – the EESC wants to:

  • help European citizens and visitors to Europe cycling abroad to communicate
    in bicycle shops, travel agencies, railway stations and hotels;
  • raise awareness about infrastructure that facilitates cycling in order to
    inspire politicians, planners and peoples’ organisations (and here I especially
    thank our translators, who had to cover new linguistic territory in those
    cases where the concepts in question did not exist yet in their language);
  • raise awareness about the many forms of human powered vehicles that
    meet many different mobility needs in a sustainable manner and;
  • make the point that cycling policy is not only a local but also a European