Commerce and Bicycles

Thomas Krag
Publication date: 
December 2001

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Customers arriving by bicycle are far better than their reputation. At first they are more loyal than those who use the car for shopping, and they spend more money. In addition their share in the customer mix far exceeds the shop owners expectations.

Traffic calming and promoting the use of bicycles will have its advantages in several areas, especially in relation to the shop owners. On the other hand, the downtown shops will always compete with the suburban shopping mall for the attention of the shoppers. In other words, the two will have to settle on a certain division of labor. Downtown shops can not account for all shopping.

This division might be an disadvantage for those without access to a car as well as it will result in an increased use of car and Co2/carbon emissions. On the other hand the advocacy of bicycles and pedestrians is not synonomous with the decline of all economic activities in the city centre. The activities will merely change in their character, which in turn will result in new and different shopping experience that the malls outside of the city cannot convey