Bicycle policies of the European principals: continuous and integral (Publication 7, 2nd edition)

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November 2009

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Publication containing ten urban reports which show how bicycle policy has contributed to increased bicycle use in the long term. Ten unique yet similar stories which can serve as an example of how high bicycle use can be achieved in the long term.

The ten stories are mainly specifications of the general line of ‘long term’ and ‘integral’. Each city has a different story, with different emphases based on the local situation. The differences and similarities between the ten stories are analysed further at the end of this publication.


The first edition of this publication appeared as number 7 in the Fietsberaad series, entitled Continuous and integral: the bicycle policies of Groningen and other European cycling cities in May of 2006, in Dutch and English. Page 87 of that edition contains extensive acknowledgements of the origin of the various chapters. This second edition is mostly an update. In addition the introduction has been abridged. The chapters on the various cities have been supplemented and updated, rather than modified. The chapter on Odense, however, has been rewritten to a large extent, those on Copenhagen and Amsterdam are almost entirely new. These chapters have been based on visits to the various towns and their bicycle officials.